I am a freelance surface designer from Sweden creating playful and pretty patterns that bring happiness to people of all ages. Living in the swedish countryside, the nature that surrounds me is an important source of inspiration, as well as my scandinavian heritage, favorite books and music, daydreams, and everyday life. Though my finished patterns are all vector-based, they always begin as a simple pen drawing. The motifs are then brought into Adobe Illustrator and lovingly assembled into repeat patterns with a harmonious flow.

You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions, are interested in working together and would like access to my full catalogue of patterns - or simply would like to say hi! Send me an email at or fill in to form. You can also follow me on instagram and take a peek at the blog the see what I'm currently working on.

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Interested in collaborating? Tell me a little about your company and project and I will get back to you promptly.

(p.s. det går lika bra att skriva på svenska)


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